About the Foundation


The mission of the Kansas Boys State Foundation is to ensure the longevity and financial future of the Kansas Boys State Leadership Academy through cooperation and charitable giving from alumni, civic organizations, and corporations that share our academy’s values: teamwork, mutual respect, and civic responsibility.


The vision of the Kansas Boys State Foundation is to instill the above-stated values in high school youth so that the future of our great state will undoubtedly be a much brighter one. We will enhance the Kansas Boys State experience by providing dynamic leadership training to our volunteer staff, assisting with operational program costs, attracting and funding keynote speakers, granting tuition scholarships to delegates, and promoting prudent decision making to ensure the long term future of the program.


The Kansas Boys State Foundation operates as an endowment to assist in all facets of the program. It is approved as a 501(c)(3) charitable not-for-profit organization, and relies solely on charitable gifts and donations. Donations are tax deductible within the limits of the law.